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Premium Dog Food

Organic Pet Food & Pet Grooming Supplies of the Highest Quality

Pat’s Pedigree’s cats and dogs grooming salon offers complete line of local pet grooming services. We carry a wide range of pet grooming supplies as well as organic pet food supplies. At our pet grooming salon in Florida, we offer our services for all breeds and all sizes of cats and dogs, and provide personalized care programs. Based in Sunrise, Fl – Broward County, we also welcome clientele from Fort Lauderdale, and across South Florida.

sidebar-maintenance-planOur full range of pet services include pet grooming services, breed cuts, pet bathing, blow dry, full brushing out, nail trimming, ear cleaning and pet sitting. We stock a wide range of healthy, nutritious and the best natural dog food and cat food. All our pet food formulas and products are sourced from leading brands and manufacturers to ensure the health and development of your pet. You can find premium and holistic pet foods, pet toys, flea & tick repellents, and oral hygiene products, besides various other food and pet grooming supplies. If you aren’t too sure what product would suit your pet, we can readily help you make an informed choice.

Nurture your pet’s growth with nutrient-rich foods

Raise a healthy dog with the best premium dog foods in the industry all under one place at Pats Pedigree & local pet grooming services in Sunrise, Florida and only minutes away from Fort Lauderdale, where we have been pampering your pets since 1990 with love and passion as if if they are our own.

Our Food Philosophy …..

At Pats Pedigree & Pet Grooming we are a family of pet lovers with many years of experience. We believe in feeding our dogs only the best and the highest quality dog food which will improve their performance and health.  We are here to provide pet parents with nourishing premium pet foods that they can count on.

Benefits of  Our High Quality Dog Food

  • Your best friend ( dog )  will eat less due to increased nutrient absorption.
  • Optimized Immune Systems.
  • Longer dog life means many more years of enjoying your best friend.
  • Fewer veterinarian visits & bills.
  • Less dog waste to pick up at home or in the backyard.
  • Higher energy, performance, and enjoyment
  • General better lifespan and well being

Dog Food Brands That We Recommend:

  • Taste Of The Wildsave-banner1
  • California Natural Grain Free
  • EVO
  • Solid Gold
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Premium Choice
  • Merrick premium Dog Food
  • Bio Complete
  • Stella & Chewys
  • Evangers Dog Food